Branscomb/Branscum Genealogy

The Genealogy of
Richard Branscomb
of Brunswick County, Virginia,
and a Number of his Descendants

by Fred Tubbs







The Children of Benjamin Branscomb:
Parthenia Branscomb (Richardson)

The line of descent for Parthenia Branscomb:

(Note: Hereinafter the first three digits of the identification numbers are omitted. Please check the Author's Notes for an explanation of the numbering system I use for identifying individuals within any family.)

6. Parthenia Branscomb, 1825-1910

Parthenia’s dates come from her grave marker in the Mount Zion Cemetery of Jackson Co., OH. Parthenia married James J. Richardson on 10 January 1846. The grave marker has his name as John J. Richardson, as does the 1850 census for Jackson County, OH. His deed dated 18 August 1879 to Benjamin Branscom (Book 15, p. 388), has his name as Jas. Richardson. It seems that his name was either John James or James John. A single grave monument in the Zion Cem. has both his name and Parthenia’s; his dates are 1821-1895. In the 1850 census John J. and “Parthena” were in household #1101 of Franklin Township (p. 309), which was close to Benjamin in household #1094:

  Age Where born
John J. Richardson 27 VA
Parthena 21 VA
William T. 4 OH
Mary E. 3 OH
Martha A. 9/12 OH
Nancy Richardson 51 VA
William T. 24 VA
Robert G. 20 VA

The official records of Brunswick and Greensville Counties, VA, show Richardsons in proximity to the Branscombs before 1800. John’s parents may have come to Jackson County at about the same time that Benjamin & Tabitha did.

In 1860 the family was in Lick Township of Jackson Co., dwelling #1189 (p. 188):

  Age Where born
James Richison 39 VA
Parthena 35 VA
William T. (or L.) 14 OH
Mary E. 12 OH
Martha A. 10 OH
Benjamin F. 9 OH
Tebitha 4 OH
Samuel G. 6/12 OH

This time Nancy “Richison,” age 72, b. VA, was in the neighboring household, #1190, with her son W. Robert, age 29.

The grave monument for John and Parthenia in the Mount Zion Cem also bears the names of Benjamin F. Richardson (1851-1881) and James Richardson (1853-1855). (Jennifer Smith’s data includes four other children for this family: Joe, Frank, Ida and James). Nearby is a grave stone for the children of W. T. and E. Richardson: an “infant dau.” born and died 6 August 1868, Edgar A. (no dates), and Edna C. (b. 30 January 1872, d. 2 December 1874). The father of these children was possibly Parthenia’s son William T., but he could have been her brother-in-law William T. Richardson who was listed in the 1850 census.




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