Branscomb/Branscum Genealogy

The Genealogy of
Richard Branscomb
of Brunswick County, Virginia,
and a Number of his Descendants

by Fred Tubbs







The Children of Henry Branscomb and Nancy Hughes

The line of descent for the children of Henry Branscomb:

Ten children are known for Henry & Nancy:
41. George Washington Branscomb, b. 22 December 1845
42. Henrietta Branscomb, b. 9 June 1847
43. John Branscome, b. ca. April 1849 (?)
44. Emily A. Branscom, b. 7 April 1852
45. Denison J. Branscom, b. 15 April 1855
46. Earl Alonzo (or Erlonzo) Branscom, b. January 1856
47. Benjamin Branscom, b. 19 September 1858
48. Henry A. Branscom, b. 5 February 1860
(plus two additional infant children who did not survive their natal years and are buried in the Van Wert Cem. in Long Creek Township of Decatur Co., IA).

Following is the known information for these children:

  • 41. George Washington Branscom, b. 22 December 1845 OH, d. of cancer 7 February 1927 in Lynwood, Los Angeles Co. Md. (1) in Jackson Co., OH, 28 April 1881 Frances Hunsinger. George must have returned from California to Ohio in order to claim his bride. (Note: CEB recorded the date of marriage as 28 December 1881; Bill Cole obtained the 28 April date from the Office of the County Clerk for Jackson Co., OH.) The 1880 census shows George as a widower. If that information is correct, George had an earlier marriage which as yet is unknown.
  • “Fanny” was b. 10 January 1843, d. 15 January 1887, as shown by the records for Artesia Cemetery, where the bodies of both George and Fanny Branscom are buried in the family plot for Henry & Nancy. As the first adult member of her generation to die after Henry’s death, Fanny’s body lies adjacent to the grave sites for Henry and Nancy.

    The 1870 census for Jackson Co., OH, shows Francis Huntsinger, as a 15-year-old male, b. OH, in the home of Samuel and Mary Huntsinger, both of whom were born in Switzerland. In 1880 Frances was shown as a female, age 28, in the household of Jacob Hunsinger. (In 1870 Jacob was the eldest son still at home in the household of Samuel & Mary.) If this Frances Huntsinger was the one who married George W. Branscomb, the ages are not reported accurately.

    With the Huntsingers in 1870 was David Branscomb, age 9 months, b. OH; in Jacob’s household in 1880 he was David Hunsinger, age 10. For more information about the Hunsingers, see The connection between Branscombs and Hunsingers

    On 7 October 1875 George Washington and his brother, Denison James, jointly purchased 73.96 acres in Rancho Los Coyotes (which borders Rancho Santa Gertrudes on the southeast): the S½ of the SE¼ of S14 T3 SR12W for the sum of $3000 in gold coins. 1 acre was reserved for a school. ( (Book 39, p. 348; the tract may have been in the SW¼ .)

    The Los Angeles County directory for 1881-1882 shows that George Branscom owned 32 acres of land and that his brother, D. (= Denison), owned 40 acres. The sum is barely two acres less than the tract which they bought jointly in October 1875—one acre excluding the school. On 18 November 1885 George and Denison executed deeds of some interest: Denison sold to his brother George for one dollar in gold coin 32.12 acres of land in the SE ¼ of the SE ¼ of S14 in T3S R12W of the San Bernardino Meridian. (Book 147, pp. 224-5) The deed was executed at 10:26 AM. That afternoon, at 1:13 PM, George W. sold 41.84 acres to Denison J. This land is described as the SW¼ of the SE¼ of S14 T3S R12W.(Book 147, p.227-228). George reserved one acre of his land in the southwestern corner, presumably for the school. These deeds conveyed to each brother the approximate acreage which the directory for 1881-1882 stated that they owned already. The brothers probably employed the described exchange as a way of documenting their previously agreed ownership of their respective holdings in the acreage which they had purchased jointly. Two weeks later Denison sold his portion, so this division was a necessary precursor to the sales.

    On 2 December 1886 George sold 20 acres to Emily Strong, a widow. The $2000 purchase price was to be paid with $500 down and $500 annually over the next three years @10% interest. The plot was described in the deed as the W½ of the NW¼ of the NW¼ of S14 T3S R12W. (Book 182, p. 296-297) (If this land was from George’s portion of the tract which George and Denison purchased jointly, the description is incorrect.)

    (Bill Cole provided the information for these transactions.)

    Almost three years after Fannie’s death, on 3 October 1889, George married in Los Angeles County Nancy Jane McGinnis (b. 8 June 1868 IA, d.18 February 1962 in Paradise, Butte Co., CA; bur. in the Paradise Cem.). Nancy was the d/o John McGinnis and Nancy Clanton (The marriage is shown in the Los Angeles County Marriage Records; the DOB, DOD and parentage of Nancy Jane come from her death certificate), The marriage record stated that George was age 43 and a resident of Norwalk.

    On 17 Oct 1890, George W. Branscom, age 45, is listed as a resident of Norwalk in the Great Register for Los Angeles County voters.

    The 1900 Soundex (15-104-19-51) shows George and his family in Downey Twp of Los Angeles Co. George’s wife Nancy was named as Jenny N., b. January 1867 IA. Three children were with them.

    After George’s death in February 1927 Nancy went to live with her son Gilbert Branscom in Long Beach, CA. The 1930 census for Los Angeles Co. shows Nancy J., age 61, there as a widow. The death certificate for Nancy shows that she died at age 93 of a coronary infarction and that she had experienced chronic myocarditis and arteriosclerosis for a number of years prior to her death.

    With the possible exception of David, b. ca. 1870, George and Fannie had no known children. The children of George and Nancy Jane are as follows (all b. CA):

    • 411. Grace L. Branscomb, b. 7 September 1890 in Norwalk, CA, d. 20 September 1979 in Sacramento Co., CA; d. bur Paradise Cem. Grace was married four times:
      (1) To G.A. Yates circa. 1909. One child, Mildred E. (“Millie”), is known.
      (2) To Edward Amon Moser. One child, Wallace E, is known.
      (3) To Charles Henry Davidson.
      (4) To Gilbert Warton Barton on 10 November 1970 in Reno, Washoe Co., NV.
    • 412. Earnest Everett Branscomb, b. 27 December 1892, d. 30 May 1970 in Los Angeles Co. md. 21 Aug 1921 Flora Mae Welch (b. ca. 1899 MO, d/o Fred Welch and Emma Goad [Marriage Records, Los Angeles Co. Book 390 Page 317]). Their children were Ruth, Lois and Carl. Ruth’s daughter, Celia Shelton, says that until he lost his job during the Great Depression Ernie was employed by the power company, PG&E, where he was a pipefitter, boilermaker and foreman and was sent around the west coast. According to Ruth they went to King Co, WA, in 1929 . Their son Carl was born in King Co., and the 1930 Census shows them there. The family moved to San Francisco in 1931 and then back to Los Angeles ca. 1932. They lived for a time near their grandmother Nancy Jane, and Ruth remembers going out her backdoor and over to her grandma’s house. They moved to Coos Bay, OR, circa 1933.
    • Ernest and Emma divorced during the mid-1930s. Ernest reared the two daughters and Emma reared their son Carl. Ernie “eventually made his way back to California” and worked as a boilermaker for McClellan Air Force Base in Sacramento, CA. After retirement, he lived in Sacramento for a number of years, and when age forced him to seek help he lived with the family of his daughter Ruth in Sun Valley, CA.

    • 413. Millard Forest Branscomb, b 30 April 1895, d. 11 December 1898 bur. Artesia Cem. Reportedly he died by drowning in a drainage ditch.
    • 414. Hugh Branscomb, b. between 5 July 1897 and April 1898; d. 16 April 1977 in Madera Co., CA. In the 1920 census for Madera Co. he was living with his brother Ernest in Long Beach, CA. In the 1930 census he was a merchant seaman stationed in Tampa Bay, FL and listed his mother Jennie as his next of kin living in Long Beach, CA.
    • 415. Leon Branscomb, b. 5 July 1900, d. September 1978 near Centralia, WA.
    • 416. Gilbert Branscomb, b 13 November 1901, d. 30 October 1969 in Los Angeles; bur. Rose Hills Cem. He md. Elizabeth Young (d. March 2005 in Riverside, CA, at age 92). Two children, James Walter and Jean Elizabeth. The 1930 Census for Los Angeles Co. showed Gilbert as single, living in Long Beach. His occupation was “fireman for an electric company.” As stated above, his mother Nancy Jane was living in his household.
    • 417. Mildred Evelyn, b. 13 December 1903 in Yankee Hill, Butte Co., CA; d. 6 August 1975 in Tuczon, Pima Co., AZ; bur. Paradise Cem. Md. (1) in Long Beach, Los Angeles Co., CA, on 15 February 1925 Floyd Edward Millhiser. Two children: Robert Lee and Clifton Wayne. Mildred had two subseqent marriages:. (2) William Nathan Broyles, and (3) in Reno, Washoe Co., NV, 14 September 1970 Joseph Evans. Mildred was the informant for her mother’s death certificate.

  • 42. Henrietta Branscom, b. 9 January 1847 OH., d. 16 November 1915 in Beach, Golden Valley Co., ND. Md. in Weldon, Decatur CO, IA, William Harrison Lee (b. 5 July 1840 in Hickory, Newton Co., MS; d. 22 February 1832 in Beach, Golden Valley Co., ND. Both bur. in Beach. [They lived Billings Co.; Golden Valley Co., formed from Billings Co. in 1912, borders Billings Co. on the west.]). The 1850 census shows “Henraetta” as age one in her parents’ household, and in 1860 she was shown as age 13. Her name probably honors a cousin Henrietta, b. ca. 1838, daughter of Thomas the brother of Henry’s father Benjamin.
  • According to a Lee family genealogist, William enlisted in the Confederate Army and served until he was captured. He remained imprisoned in Ohio so long after the end of the war that his first wife thought he was dead. Believing that she was a widow, she remarried. When William was released and heard the news of his wife’s remarriage, he decided to disappear rather than to cause her trouble. It was many years before he was heard from again. Family lore holds that during part of the time he was an Indian scout for the U. S. government. William eventually settled in Weldon, Decatur Co, Iowa, where he married Henrietta Branscomb.

    William and his family are listed in the 1880 census for Long Creek Twp. of Decatur Co., IA, and in 1900 they were in Franklin Twp. Their children were born in Decatur Co.

    In 1906, William rode to Medora, Billings Co., ND on a freight train. He filed for a homestead patent seven miles south of Medora on the east side of the Little Missouri River and then returned to his home in Weldon, Iowa. The next spring in 1907, he and his sons returned to Medora and built a log house and other buildings. Some of the sons also filed for homestead patents in the community, and then returned to Iowa in order to bring their families and their mother to Medora.

    The 1910 census shows William and his family in Billings Co. William was shown in the censuses for Billings Co. in 1920 and 1930. William’s occupation reportedly was “a cancer doctor.”

    Following is information concerning the children of Henrietta and William; all b. IA:

    • 421. Nancy Alice Lee, b. 30 November 1873, d. 11 November 1968; md. Fred B. Schmidt from Milwaukee, WI.
    • 422. Frederick Benjamin Lee, b. 8 June 1875; md. Maude Meritt.
    • 423. Jacob H. Lee, b. ca. 1877; md. Ethel (surname unknown).
    • 424. Robert Edmond or Edward Lee, b. 17 June 1881 d. 6 June 1953; md. Frances Winnie Young. They moved to White Owl, SD and then later moved to Medora, ND.
    • 425. William Napolean Lee, b. 22 June 1883, d. 10 January 1952; md Marie (surname unknown).
    • 426. Zora Elenora Lee, b. 10 May 1885 d. 29 March 1971; md. Charley E. Flory.
    • 427. Dora Anise Lee, b. 19 September 1886.
    • 428. Infant Lee, died at birth.
    • 429. Granville Harrison Lee, b. June 1890; d. December 1980 in Elgin, OR. Did not marry. Granville served in the U. S. army near the end of WWI.

    (Bill Cole relayed information about Henrietta and her family from a granddaughter of #426 Zora Lee. Some data may need further checking.)

  • 43. John Branscome, b. 2 (?) April 1849. died of uremic poisoning 18 June 1922 in Los Angeles Co. Md. Eudora J. Owen (b. 27 May 1857 IL, d. of myocarditis 23 December 1925); both bur. Artesia Cem. The 1850 through 1870 censuses are consistent in supporting a birth year of 1849 for John; the 1880 census has his age as 30, and the 1900 census gives his DOB as April 1850. Eudora’s surname comes from the California cemetery records for three of their sons.
  • On 1 Mar 1878 John purchased for $1000 a 40-acre tract, the NW ¼ of the SE¼ of S35 T3 SR12 of the San Bernardino Meridian (Book 61, p. 47).

    The 1880 census for Los Nietos Twp, Los Angeles Co. (4-30b-31-18) shows John, age 30, b. IL,. and Eudora, age 23, b. IL, in dwelling #292, next door to John’s parents; with them was their one-year-old son Floyd, b. CA.

    On 9 May 1882 John and two other people were involved in a complicated land transaction in which they received $50 in gold coin in exchange for rights to the New River Bridge in Township 3S R12W. (Book 96, p. 96) This transaction has the appearance of being an easement. New River Bridge is listed on the road from Downey to Anaheim, CA.

    As stated above for John’s father Henry, on 23 April 1885 Henry deeded to his son John, “for and in consideration of love and affection” and for $1 in gold coin, the SW ¼ of the NE ¼ of S14. in T3S R12W. (Book 141, p. 638) Upon the death of his mother he was also to receive one-third of the 40 acres which Henry deeded to his wife Nancy on the same date.

    John is listed as a farmer in Norwalk in the 1884 City Directory. He was also listed as a resident of Norwalk in the Great Register for Los Angeles County Voters, dated 24 September 1890, and his age was given as 42.

    John is listed in the 1900 census for Downey Twp., Los Angeles Co., on the same sheet with his brothers Earl A. and George. (Soundex 104-19-83). Seven children, all b. CA, were at home. The Soundex gives Eudora’s DOB as 1851 but an age of 43; it appears that the transcriber misread a “7" as a “1. The children were: Clyde, b. March 1881; John, b. June 1886 (should be 1883); Josephus, b. April 1886; Maud D., b. 1888, Edward, b. March 1893, Nellie, b. February 1896, and Mable V., b. January 1899.

    Following is information concerning the children of John and Eudora:

    • 431. Floyd Branscom, b. 17 July 1877, d. in Stanislaus Co. 17 July 1960 The DOB is from the California cemetery records and is confirmed by the draft registration card for WWI. The 1900 census shows Floyd, age 21, b. September 1879, living in the household of his uncle Benjamin (#47) in Ward 2. The September 1918 draft registration card shows Floyd’s occupation as a driller for the Union Oil Company in Kern Co. Evidently he was not married. Two homestead patents are known for Floyd Branscom in Mariposa Co., both in T6S R19E as measured from the Mount Diablo meridian: (1) 320 acres on 18 October 1920, the S½ of the SW¼ of S24 plus the E½ of the SW¼ and the entire NW¼ of S25; (2) 240 acres for stock-raising on 3 April 1929, the NW¼ of S13 and the NE¼ of the NE¼ and the SW¼ of the SW¼ of S25.
    • 432. Clyde Alfred Branscomb, b. 1 March 1881, d. 6 August 1947 in Monterey Co. His draft registration card for WWI gave his wife’s name as May (the writing was difficult to read.) The 1930 census for Alhambra in Los Angeles Co. shows his wife as Ida M., b. MO, and they had one child, Eva.
    • 433. John L. Branscomb, b. 19 June 1883, d. in Los Angeles Co. 19 February 1941. (The 1990 Soundex gives the year of birth as1886). His draft registration card for WWI showed his name as Jack, and he was working and residing in the California State Hospital in Norwalk, Los Angeles Co.
    • 434. Joseph Branscomb, b. 23 April 1886, d. in Riverside Co. 8 January 1958. Md. In Los Angeles Co. 10 September 1912 Lilian Rebecca Lewis (b. 26 August 1886 MO, d. 24 Oct. 1958 in San Bernardino, CA). Lily was the d/o Joshua Lewis and Lucia Reccord. According to his draft registration card for WWI, in September 1917 Joseph was a self-employed contractor; he and his wife Lily R. lived at 112 Gladys Court in Long Beach. Later Joseph was a dairyman. The 1930 census showed the family in Newport Beach, Orange Co. The known children of Joseph and Lily were (Joseph) Edward, Benjamin, and Lela May.
    • 435. Maud D. Branscomb, b. December 1888, as shown in the 1900 census for her parents. The 1910 census for San Bernadino Co., CA, shows a Maud D. Branscum, age 20, as a servant in the household of Edward C. and Alice G. Harwood in Upland. Further research is required to ascertain whether this Maud D. was the d/o John and Eudora.
    • 436. Edward Branscom, b.1 March 1893, d. in Kern Co. 22 February 1948. According to his draft registration card for WWI, in 1917 he was a rancher and was single .
    • 437. Nellie Branscom, b. February 1896. The only known information for her is from the 1900 and 1910 censuses, where she is shown as living with her parents.
    • 438. Mable V. Branscom, b. January 1899. The only known information for her is from the 1900 and 1910 censuses, where she is shown as living with her parents.

  • 44. Emily A. Branscom, b. 7 April 1852 IL, presumably Knox Co.; d. 11 February 1872 in Decatur Co., IA; bur. Van Wert Cem. in Long Creek Twp. Data for her comes from the 1860 and 1870 censuses and from the cemetery records.

  • 45. Denison James Branscom, b. 15 April 1855 IL, d. 3 March 1890 in Los Angeles Co., CA. Md. in Jackson Co., OH, 25 April 1880 Martha Ellen “Mattie” Wykle (b. 27 May 1860 OH, d.7 April 1931 in Los Angeles Co.); both bur. in the family plot for Henry & Nancy in Artesia Cem. Mattie was the d/o Eli J. Wykle and Eleanor (“Nellie”) Wiesman.
  • The 1860 census record for Henry shows Denison as age 7 in 1860, age 16 in 1870, and age 25 in 1880.

    As stated in the section above for #41 George W., on 7 Oct 1875 Denison and George bought jointly a tract of 73.96 acres in Rancho Los Coyotes, essentially south half of the SE¼ of S14 T3 SR12W. (Book 39, p. 348). Then on 18 November 1885 each of them deeded to the other the portion of that tract which evidently they had already agreed upon as theirs respectively, as shown by their holdings as listed in the in the Los Angeles County directory for 1881-1882. The details appear above in the section for #41 George.

    In early 1880 Denison returned to Jackson Co., OH, to marry Mattie Wykle, and he brought her back to California. At the time of the 1880 census Denison and Mattie were living in the household of Denison’s parents Henry and Nancy Branscom. Denison and Mattie continued to live in Artesia. (As stated above, Denison’s brother George also returned to Jackson Co., OH, in order to claim his bride Fannie Hunzinger.)

    In addition to the land transactions involving his brother George, which are described above, the following transactions are known for Dennis:

    9 June 1884: Denison James Branscom bought 40 acres from Thomas L. Hungerford the NW¼ of the SW¼ of S28 T3S R11W, paying $1693.33 (Book 127, pp. 3-4).

    1 August 1885: Denison Branscom purchased from Charles S. Wardlow an adjoining 20 acres in S28, the W½ of the NW¼ of the SE¼, paying $1350 (Book 144, p. 457).

    2 December 1885: Denison J. Branscom sold to John McLaughlin for $2200 in gold coin the 41.84 acres which was his portion of the 73.96 acres which on 7 October 1875 he and his brother George had purchased jointly in S14 T3S R12W (Book 39, p. 348) and which was documented as his portion of the tract on 18 November 1885 (Book 147, pp. 227-228). The deed exempted from the 41.84 acres the one acre in the southwest corner which had been exempted in the earlier deeds.

    Denison suffered from tuberculosis; according to his daughter Ada Maude, he lived in a shack on the corner of the farm and away from his children as a means of protecting them. He died six weeks before his 35th birthday. After Denison died in 1890, Martha married (2) in Los Angeles Co. 25 May 1892 William H. Thomas (b. in England ca. 1862). They had five children. Two of the sons plus the wife of one are buried in the block with the Branscoms in Artesia Cemetery. The 1900 census for Los Angeles Co. (E. D. 104, sheet 8, dwelling no. 161) shows Mattie as head of household with all eleven of her children: six Branscoms, five Thomases. Her husband William Thomas was not present, and the entry showing Mattie’s marital status, although difficult to read, shows that she was divorced. The 1920 census (E. D. 493, sheet 10B, dwelling #254) confirms that status for her. According to Thomas descendants, Mattie always treated both the Thomas and Branscom children as the same one loving family. (Information collected by Bill Cole.)

    Denison and Martha Ellen had six children:

    • 451. Charles Edgar Branscom, b. 21 February 1881 in Artesia, d. 2 August 1946 of pulmonary emphysema in Rural, San Diego Co.; bur. Artesia Cem. Md. in Los Angeles Co. 5 April, 1912 Hazel Swenson. The children of Charles and Hazel were Florence Irene, Edna Eleanor Marie, and Charles Kenneth. Much of the known information concerning Charles comes from his death certificate and from the obituary for #452 Grace, who names Charles Branscom of Chino as brother. According to the death certificate, Charles’s body was found at 9 a.m. at Keys Dairy Ranch on Sweetwater Road. Charles’s residence was on Sweetwater Road, but there is no clue as to whether the dairy was his (he was a dairy farmer but was retired.) The informant was Mrs. Florence I. Corban of Palm City, CA. Charles was divorced; the certificate has no information about the relationship with Mrs. Corban. She knew that his mother was Martha “Wikle,” who was born in IL, but she did not know the name of his father. She also knew the name (Hazel) and approximate age (50) of Charles’s ex-wife. Charles’s body was buried next to the graves of Denison and Martha.
    • (Note: Hazel N. Branscom received from the U. S. Bureau of Land Management a land patent dated 17 May 1961 for five acres in S6 T2N R6E, San Bernardino Co., CA. It is still to be confirmed whether this Hazel N. was the former wife of Charles.)

    • 452. Grace Pearl Branscom, b. 25 July 1882 in Artesia, d. 5 April 1934 in Downey; bur Downey Cem. Md. in Downey 14 November 1901 Oscar Preston Williams. The Social Security Index shows Oscar’s dates as b. 29 December 1882, d. 2 August 1965. Oscar was the s/o Preston Oscar Williams and Rosamond Davis. Daughter Beatrice had Oscar’s data as b. in Gardena, CA, 9 November 1879; d. 23 June 1964 in Colfax, Placer Co., CA. Given that his name does not appear in the listing for the family in the 1880 census, it is likely that one of the1882 DOBs is correct.
    • When Grace was 14 years old she left home to live with her uncle Ben (#47) and aunt Miranda because she did not get along with her stepfather. The stepfather William was gone by 1900, and the census for that year shows Grace back at home with her mother.

      Grace was reported to be “a wonderful cook,” and she “had a sweet temperament and was very gentle.” She developed breast cancer circa 1931, but the cause of her death three years later was listed as a cerebral hemorrhage. The children of Oscar and Grace were Gertrude Lorina, Elmer Oscar, Loyd Alonzo, and Beatrice Rosamond.

    • 453. Earl Alonzo Branscom , b. in Artesia 17 December 1884, d. of angina pectoris in Hynes, Downey District, 26 May 1928; bur. Artesia Cem. The death certificate listed his occupation as “trucking cattle.” In 1920 Earl was living in the household of his mother (although his half-brother Harry Thomas was listed as the head of household; E. D. 493, sheet 10B, dwelling #254). The census report showed his age as 33 and his marital status as divorced. With him was a daughter, Norma Branscum, age 6. Bill Cole says that she was a niece. Earl’s death certificate states that he was married and names his wife as Blanch; Bill Cole found a marriage certificate showing that Earl md. in Artesia 19 June 1908 at age 24 Blanch Gates, age 16, b. IA, d/o S. P. Gates and R. J. Lewis.
    • (Caution! Two other descendants of Benjamin and Tabitha Branscomb, #B-46 and #B-71 are named Earl Alonzo Branscom, although the spelling of the surname may vary.)

    • 454. Albert Branscom, b. 26 July 1885, d. 21 April 1903; bur. Artesia Cem. The dates are from the cemetery records.
    • 455. Ada Maude Branscom, b. in Artesia 3 January 1887, d. of congestive heart failure in Fillmore, Ventura Co., CA, 18 July 1968; bur. Oakwood Memorial Park. She md. 24 Jan 1903 Walter Adelbert Amey, (b. 28 March 1885 in Los Angeles Co., d. 24 January 1967 in Fillmore.). Their children were Violette May, Lionel, Audrey Jewel, Ronald L. “Bud”, Genevieve V., Charles W., Dorothy, Darlene Lou, Gerald, and James Leon. Her son Ronald was the informant for Ada’s death certificate.
    • 456. Clarence Ralph Branscom, b. 29 August 1888 CA, d. 3 (?) December 1961 in Chino, San Bernardino Co.; bur. Artesia Cem. He was always known as Tom. The cause of death as shown on the death certificate was “Probable due to Natural Causes; No Traumatic Injuries.” The death certificate also stated, “Body Badly Decomposed; Found December 5, 1961.” (That DOD of 3 December is therefore suspect.) He did not marry, and it seems evident that he lived alone. His last known occupation was as a groom at the Hollywood Park race track.

    (Bill Cole provided data for Denison and his descendants.)

  • 46. Earl Alonzo Branscom, b. ca. 1855, according to the 1860 and 1870 censuses. He was approximately the same age as #71 Earl Alonzo Branscomb, s/o Benjamin & Alice, and there is a possibility of confusion between the two; #453 Earl Alonzo was younger (b. 1884). Bill Cole found the following data for this Earl Alonzo: b. January 1856 IL; d. 18 May 1924 CA. Md. in Jackson Co., OH, 19 March 1880 Fanny Inman (d. 6 November 1917 CA); both bur. Little Lake Cem., Santa Fe Springs. Santa Fe Springs is located a few miles north of Artesia in Los Angeles Co., where other family members lived and died. Alonzo, age 34, born in IL is listed on page 108 of the 1890 Great Register for Los Angeles Voters. His brother Benjamin is listed on the same page.

    Only two children are known for Earl Alonzo and Fannie. There may have been others. Following is information about the two:

    • 461. Ray Branscum, b. 6 December 1884 CA, d. 8 October 1972 in Bellflower, CA; bur. Little Lake Cem. Md. in Los Angeles Co. 22 July 1910 Carrie Fisher (b. 27 Mar 1890 CA, d. 1 April 1925 in CA. Marriage Certificate Book 113, p. 66). Carrie was the d/o Joseph Fischer and Alice Lovell. They had three children: Mildred F., Bernice A., and Margaret Evelyn. In his application for Social Security, dated 1 November 1941, Ray stated that he was living in Norwalk, CA. Both Norwalk and Bellflower are adjacent to Artesia. In the application Ray gave his last occupation as farming and stated that it ended in 1934.
    • 462. Nellie R. Branscom, b. in Norwalk, CA, August 1888, d 1958. Md. in La Mirada, Los Angeles Co. 25 May 1909 George Ray McConnell (Marriage Certificate Book 113, p. 66); both bur. Little Lake Cem. Ray was b. ca. 1887 OH; his parents were George H. McConnell and Kitty Amy. Ray worked in the oil fields at the time of his marriage. One daughter of Ray and Nellie was Irma L.; there was at least one other daughter, whose name is unknown.

    (Data for Earl Alonzo’s family is from Bill Cole.)

  • 47. Benjamin Branscom, b. 19 September 1858 in Decatur, IA; d. 31 May 1942 in Long Beach, CA; cause of death was chronic myocarditis attributed to chronic nephritis and arteriosclerosis. Bill Cole provided the death certificate. After Henry and Nancy brought their family from Ohio to California, Benjamin returned to Jackson Co. to marry on 5 July 1881 Marinda Inman (b. 1863 OH, d. 1906 CA). Marinda was the d/o Ezekiel and Joanna Inman. The bodies of both Benjamin and Marinda are buried in the block for Henry & Nancy in Artesia Cem. The grave stones for Benjamin and Marinda bear the words “Father” and “Mother,”respectively. (CEB stated that Benjamin D., son of [#7] Benjamin Branscomb, married Miranda Inman, but the marriage he reported was actually for this Benjamin.)
  • The city directory for 1884 shows Benjamin as a farmer in Norwalk.

    On 9 Jun 1884 Benjamin purchased from Thomas L. Hungerford for $1,000 “the westerly 20 acres of the NE¼ of the NE ¼ of S29, T3S R11W of the San Bernardino Meridian. (Book 127, p. 2). At the same time his brother Denison purchased 40 acres in S28.

    The 1888-1890 directory for the city of Los Angeles lists a Benjamin Branscom as a miner, living at 213 Yale, but it is not certain that he was Benjamin s/o Henry. The Great Register of Voters for Los Angeles Co. for 1890 shows him as a resident of Artesia, age 31 (p. 108; dated 18 August 1890).

    The 1900 census for Downey Twp. of Los Angeles, CA. (E. D. 104, sheet 10), shows Benjamin’s family thus:

      DOB Age Where
    Branscom, Benjamin September 1859 40 IA VA OH married 18 years
    Marinda April
    37 OH PA PA 4 children, 3 living
    Josephine January
    12 CA IA OH  
    Fanny E. December
    7 CA IA OH  
    Edwin A. January
    4 CA IA OH  
    Inman, Ezekial 13 December
      PA     father-in-law
    Joanna 7 February
      PA     mother-in-law

    One domestic servant was also in the household.

    The city directory for 1884 shows Benjamin as a farmer in Norwalk. The 1888-1890 directory for the city of Los Angeles lists a Benjamin Branscom as a miner, living at 213 Yale. The Great Register of Voters for Los Angeles Co. for 1890 shows Benjamin as a resident of Artesia, age 31 (p. 108; dated 18 August 1890). The 1900 census for Los Angeles Twp.(E.D. 8, S3) shows another Benjamin Branscomb on Temple Street in Ward 2: b. September 1858, married 19 years, occupation “hydrolic well [borer?].” Given that #B-47 Benjamin was shown with Marinda and his known children in Downey Twp, the one on Temple Street was a different Benjamin, still unidentified.

    Marinda died in 1906. The 1910 Census (E. D. 291, sheet 11B, Norwalk Twp, La Mirada Precinct), shows that Benjamin’s three children and his son-in-law Omer were with him. Circa 1919 Benjamin moved to Long Beach. The 1920 census (E.D. 87, Sheet 4B), shows him at 642 Newport Avenue, and with him were his two youngest children Fanny and “Edmond.” Benjamin’s death certificate gives his occupation as a farmer and states that he owned his farm.

    The children of Benjamin and Marinda:

    • 471 & 472. Unnamed twins, one boy and one girl, b. and d. 31 July 1886 in Huntington Beach, CA. Bur. Artesia Cem. (The notation in the 1900 census that Marinda had borne four children of whom three were living was inaccurate.)
    • 473. Josephine Branscom, b 1 January 1888 CA, d. 19 February 1964 in Newport Beach, CA. Md. 16 October, 1908 in La Mirada, Los Angeles Co., CA, Omer C. Harris (b. 23 March 1881, d. 1 September 1968 in Huntington, Beach, CA). Both bur Artesia Cem. No children are known for Omer and Josephine.
    • 474. Fanny Emily Branscom, b. 1 December 1892 CA, d. 5 November 1958 CA. Md. in Texas Clyde Simpson (b. ca. 1892 TX). Their children were Francis Clyde, June Estelle, and Gale Anthony.

    • 475. Edwin A. Branscom, b. January 1896.

  • 48. Henry A. Branscom, b. 5 February 1860, d. 29 February 1860; bur. Van Wert Cem., Decatur Co., IA.
  • 49. Infant daughter, b. February 1861, d. March 1861, age 21 days; bur Van Wert Cem.
  • 4A (=child #10). Infant son, d. 18 September 1862; bur. Van Wert Cem.

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Henry Branscomb, son of Benjamin Branscomb


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